Why Quality Assurance is critical for any development team!

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a vital, if not the most vital part of any project. In this article, we’ll explore points as to why it is so important as well as exploring some cornerstones to every project QA. So let’s get started, shall we? 

What good QA processes can do for you! 

QA is cost effective and time efficient! 

Having good QA practices at different stages of the project ensures that bugs are identified and fixed as you go along with the rest of the project. This means at the time of delivery, all the bugs are fixed and the software is essentially perfect! This saves time and money whilst building great trust with your clients. 

It gives your project stability! 

Stability, something many of us struggle with, especially everyone under the age of 30. You may not be a stable person, but that doesn’t mean your software has to follow suit. A stable software is a game changer and something that adds value to your perception to new potential clients. 

Efficiency and security! 

A good QA process will ensure your code is efficient and secure, whilst also managing to help your developers improve their skills, making mistakes far less likely as their attention to detail increases.

I understand that our previous articles have been text-heavier when it comes to sharing points, however there really is nothing more to it than the points mentioned above but each of these points are heavy-weights and skimping on either of them will most likely break you. If these Quality Assurance practices are carried out well, you are bound to make a big name for yourself in the IT industry

Now that we’ve explored why QA is important, let’s look at some practices or cornerstones to keep a Keen Eye on in your IT projects


The most important Quality Assurance cornerstone is reliability. Your software needs to be up to a certain standard every single time and the code needs to be sound and bug-free. Quality Assurance teams help in making this happen by providing feedback and communicating changes. 

Ease of maintenance 

This is a bit of a double-edged sword. The QA specialist needs to ensure that all software is easy to maintain. That being said, a lot of companies tend to make software extremely complicated so that the client keeps coming back to them for maintenance. At KeenEye, we believe that the client deserves the best and most efficient software we can give them. Give them that and they will most likely come to you for all their projects. 

How efficient the software is 

The QA team needs to carry out vigorous testing, including benchmark tests to see if the software meets all the criteria and how it could be improved. Software efficiency can be measured in different ways, including performance, scalability, and resource utilization. Efficient software delivers the desired results in a timely and reliable manner while utilizing minimal resources. 


When looking at such aspects such as viewing, hosting and data portability, the Quality Assurance team needs to ensure that the software can run seamlessly across multiple platforms. 


Last but certainly not least, is user-friendliness. Why? Because the software can have the most brilliant code but if the end user cannot navigate through it effectively, all that effort would have gone to waste. 

In conclusion, Quality Assurance can either make or break your company’s potential.  If you follow the right path, have the proper processes in place and apply a little ethics to the mix as well – that is a recipe for success, and a business model that we at KeenEye are proud to follow.

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