KeenEye was created to help startups in Europe and the USA create complex products. The scope of our intervention went from requirement gathering, consultancy, set term projects to setting up remote permanent teams. Several of the startups that we helped are leaders in their domain today and some still have their team at our premises.

Over time as our team grew and became more technically savvy, we started to work with larger companies on process digitalization, creating new workflows, working on IOT projects in the Automotive, Medical and Display Media as well as more complex projects in Logistics and Banking. Today our clients are blue chip companies, listed companies and industry leaders in markets as diverse as the USA, France, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Luxemburg.

Steve and Shaun who were childhood friends from Paris and Nisha based in Sri Lanka saw the growth potential of a truly multicultural company based in Colombo and servicing companies around the world. Shaun’s experience in numerous tech startups in France and the USA paired with Steve’s career in asset management and Nisha’s background in finance made them a good team to start off the adventure. With strong values based on Respect and Integrity and ultimately treating others as they wish to be treated themselves they built a diverse team that is focused on quality and growth, both personal and for the company.