Shaun Zelber, a serial entrepreneur needed a software teams for his US and European startups. With the funding he had it seemed that he would get more bang-for-the-buck setting up an offshore team. Setting up a team in Sri Lanka proved efficient and allowed his startups to thrive.

After that initial success Shaun with his co-founders and childhood friends Steve Anthony Rosario and Nisha Tillas decided to help other startups across the US and European region to accelerate and grow with less risk. With time, KeenEye started to help established companies with new products and companies looking to digitize their processes.

Shaun’s experience in startups and sales paired with Steve’s career as a consultant in asset management and Nisha’s background in finance made them a great primary team. They came up with the core values that drive KeenEye. The partners envisioned KeenEye to be a force of synergy to enable them to succeed and grow. As for the team, it is their strong belief that working at KeenEye should be an opportunity for personal growth.

Projects and companies that KeenEye has worked for have been featured on the BBC, Techcrunch, have won the prestigious PWC startup award, have been from companies listed on the Nasdaq, have been showcased by Business France in China and have raised money and become leaders in their sectors. KeenEye has specialized in the logistics, fintech. egovernment and automotive industries using cloud, IOT and native mobile.

Today KeenEye is 50 specialists from diverse cultures and backgrounds with team members from France, Maldives, Korea, the USA, Belgium and Sri Lanka with each individual bringing a different perspective to the table. KeenEye has a number of technology leaders in the MERN, LAMP and .NET stacks as well as an Agile coach and devops specialists. The design team works on intuitive and user friendly UX and UIs for client facing web and mobile apps including for some very prestigious clients such governments and financial institutions.