Isuru Bandara

Software Engineering

Isuru is a full stack developer who has expertise knowledge in php. His attitude and his personality make him a solid and sought after team member.

Dilran Gnanapragasam


Dilran spent most of his life in the USA. He grew up in NY and came to Sri Lanka only a few years ago to work in volunteer work in Project Management. He is a great asset to our team as he understands the open work environment and strong sense of responsibility that we are trying to instill in everyone at KeenEye.

Rashid Sadiyan

Digital Media

Rashid works on Digital Marketing, which includes SEO, SEA and implementing the strategies and content plans designed for our clients. His work ethic and willingness to learn and master new things make him a great asset to our growing team.

Mohamed Umar

Software Engineering

Umar came to us with the drive and ambition and the story of a self-made engineer who paid his own way through uni. We believed in him and he has shown his worth and what a great work ethic he has.

Sajith Konara

Software Engineering

Supun Srimal

Software Engineering

Supun is a front-end expert with several years of experience working for a digital agency. Many of our projects have both a deep technical challenge but also require intuitive usabability. The user has to be at comfort and engaged and this is where Supuns expertise comes in.

Shan Devarajan

Software Engineering

Shan is a VueJS and ReactJs expert. He has extensive experience working on projects in Europe. VueJS is used with PHP backends and like ReactJS is the modern frontends that allows us to create user interfaces that are snappy, dashboard like and responsive.

Sandaruvan Vijayadasa

Software Engineering

Sadaruwan is a senior software engineer who works on back end development. His professional attitude makes him a valuable team mate.