Nipun Theekshana

Software Engineering

Working with Nipun is just a pleasure. He is sought after by all our teams for his incredible ability to jump between technologies and be very humble and accessible at the same time. Nipun develops in PHP, NodeJS, Android and is a tech lead that consults across projects.

Gajathesan Ramanathan

Software Engineering

Gaja is a full stack engineer who can quickly grasp new projects and concepts. He comes to us after agency experience and that design driven approach is an asset to the rest of the team.

Mubarak Ruganda

Software Engineering

Ken Gachanja

Software Engineering

Shamil Dilshan


Shamil is one of our youngest and brightest minds housed at Beyond! From being able to hold an intellectual conversation, to being an absolute fun person to have around at office.

Tharuka Gunarathna

QA & Support

Tharuka is a senior QA and she really excels in her role of making sure that the project she is testing is perfect. She works hard to comprend clearly the requirements and then to make sure that is what we deliver.

Disath Jayathilake

QA & Support

Disath has a role that crosses over between QA and support.He often helps comprend a features usage and how the flow could be bettered. His cheerful and can-do mentality are all plus points.

William Lemaitre

Business Development

William handles sales in the Sri Lankan, Asian and Australian markets. His drive and his good humor make him a great person to have around. Always upbeat and sees the best in a situation.