Hemal Randeniya


Hemal organizes and runs the design driver projects, handling both local and foreign clients. He is not afraid to get dirty and test the product if needed and his can-do mentality has won over the whole team.

Amila Gunasinghe

Software Engineering

Amila is a VueJS specialist and along with ReactJS it is our other front-end framework that we use for complex dashboards and front-ends. Amila has a great personality, always with a smile and a nice word. His teammates love working with him for that as well as his dedication to contribute to the rest of his team.


Digital Media

Hari helps run the digital marketing team where she helps manage and strategize for projects. Her vivacious nature coupled up with her drive and commitment towards the Beyond team make her a value addition for the company.

Rozale Coulton


Rozale is a UI/UX expert. She has the ability to grasp complex user flows and design user experiences that are intuitive, modern and crisp. She always has a smile and is able to not only deliver the goods but help train others.

Shadhuna Shakir

Director – Human Capital

Laala helps establish HR policy with the rest of the team and she is the person who helps us all implement it. Her organized, structured and fair approach to dealing with the team is welcomed and much needed.

Mohamed Zafran

Software Engineering

Zafran is an Android developer and he is working on IOT and location based projects. He works closely with team leads and is a humble and hardworking team member. We love having him on our team and look forward to him growing in terms of experience and soft skills.

Shehal Joseph


Shehal has been working with us for a number of years. His new role as CTO is based on his vision on technology. Shehal wants simple, elegant solutions. He sanity checks our technology and QA solutions. He is up-to-date on best practices and not only is an Agile practitioner, he also helps us to keep things fluid and turn the whole team into responsible and owners of their projects. Shehal shares the company’s values which are an integral part of our bringing anyone on to the management team.

Akila Dilshan

Software Engineering

Akila is a senior iOS expert. Even though we often go for cross platform mobile we still need gurus in iOS and Android. His leadership skills make him a valuabale asset to our team.