Hashara Ediriweera


Hashara is a French/Lankan dual national and a project coordinator. His contribution brings in diversity and flavour along with a unique perspective which allows us to work closely with French speaking clients. Understanding the client's needs is key in Digital, and language and culture count for a lot.

Jonathan Thanendran

Software Engineering

Jonny is bubbly, always there to have a laugh, say something fun or have a good time after work. But he is also a talented PHP and JS developer who can pull his weight. He takes ownership and is dedicated to his team, always.

Methuna Srikantharajah


Methuna is a rock star product owner. Her ability to forsee issues and propose solutions make her a client favorite. She is loved and respected by the team and valued by our clients.

Maria Eliza

Finance and Logistics

Hailing from the Philipines, brings in diversity to the team, and adds value by means of implementing processes for functions related to finance and logistics. She is a fun person that brings a lot of positive aura to the team.

Nasmy Ahamed

Software Engineering

Nasmy is everyone's friend. The team loves to work with him because of his work ethic, his helpful and gentle demeanor. He is just the nicest guy who is also always ready to learn and grow. He is an expert in PHP and JS languages.

Noorain Jaleel


Noorain is our maestro, as head of operations he makes all the parts work together smoothly. He is responsible for our production so he works closely with our CTO and the production team but also Human Capital, Sales and Finance. His laid back island vibe belies his deep understanding of client needs and the human aspect that is so important in software.

Damitha Perera

Software Engineering

Dami is always ready with a smile to try new things, and that is what we love about him. He is a NodeJS developer and works on multiple projects/teams. His attitude, personality and reliability make him a team favourite.

Sudheera Abeysekara

Software Engineering

Devops is such a vital part now of each and every project. Sudheera brings to the team a deep level of experience as a certified Devops expert. He is proficient in AWS, Azure and more exotic cloud like OVH.