Dilran Gnanapragasam


Dilran spent most of his life in the USA. He grew up in NY and came to Sri Lanka only a few years ago to work in volunteer work in Project Management. He is a great asset to our team as he understands the open work environment and strong sense of responsibility that we are trying to instill in everyone at KeenEye.

Hemal Randeniya


Hemal organizes and runs the design driver projects, handling both local and foreign clients. He is not afraid to get dirty and test the product if needed and his can-do mentality has won over the whole team.


Digital Media

Hari helps run the digital marketing team where she helps manage and strategize for projects. Her vivacious nature coupled up with her drive and commitment towards the Beyond team make her a value addition for the company.

Amila Gunasinghe

Software Engineering

Amila is a VueJS specialist and along with ReactJS it is our other front-end framework that we use for complex dashboards and front-ends. Amila has a great personality, always with a smile and a nice word. His teammates love working with him for that as well as his dedication to contribute to the rest of his team.

Dilukshan Gunawardene

Business Development

Shaun Zelber


Shaun is all about the team that makes up KeenEye. His vision is that people work better when they are trusted and respected. Each person brings something to the table. In terms of leadership he believes that you have to lead by example.

William Lemaitre

Business Development

William handles sales in the Sri Lankan, Asian and Australian markets. His drive and his good humor make him a great person to have around. Always upbeat and sees the best in a situation.

Rashid Sadiyan

Digital Media

Rashid works on Digital Marketing, which includes SEO, SEA and implementing the strategies and content plans designed for our clients. His work ethic and willingness to learn and master new things make him a great asset to our growing team.