Sudheera Abeysekara

Software Engineering

Devops is such a vital part now of each and every project. Sudheera brings to the team a deep level of experience as a certified Devops expert. He is proficient in AWS, Azure and more exotic cloud like OVH.

Hemal Randeniya


Hemal organizes and runs the design driver projects, handling both local and foreign clients. He is not afraid to get dirty and test the product if needed and his can-do mentality has won over the whole team.

Tharuka Gunarathna

QA & Support

Tharuka is a senior QA and she really excels in her role of making sure that the project she is testing is perfect. She works hard to comprend clearly the requirements and then to make sure that is what we deliver.

Mohamed Umar

Software Engineering

Umar came to us with the drive and ambition and the story of a self-made engineer who paid his own way through uni. We believed in him and he has shown his worth and what a great work ethic he has.

Fathima Zainabu

Software Engineering

Sajith Konara

Software Engineering

Shamil Dilshan


Shamil is one of our youngest but he is bright and full of ideas and ambition. He does get teased by the rest of the team, but hey those are the perks of being the junior.

Anoja Sekar

Human Capital

Anoja works on the Human capital side and helps to recruit our talented engineers and retain them with good HR policies. If she’s not working, she can be found organizing fun team building exercises for everyone.