Digital Media

Isuru Bandara

Software Engineering

Isuru is a full stack developer who has expertise knowledge in php . His attitude and his personality make him a solid and sought after team member.

Asiri Ariyawansha

Software Engineering

Asiri is a PHP specialist.. he knows most frameworks and is an expert in a whole bunch. His calm, steady presence is an asset as a tech lead.

Sudheera Abeysekara

Software Engineering

Devops is such a vital part now of each and every project. Sudheera brings to the team a deep level of experience as a certified Devops expert. He is proficient in AWS, Azure and more exotic cloud like OVH.

Aruna Udayanga

Software Engineering

Aruna is an iOS lead, he has been working exclusively on an IoT project for 1 year. Working with video and making sure the apps are userfriendly for drivers has become something of a hobby for him.

Fathima Shaheena

QA & Support

Shaheena does functional testing on web and mobile. Her job is to try and break things so as to make a great product.. She has a great personality with an ever ready smile so even when she does manage to break something the team is happy to fix it.

Hemal Randeniya


Hemal is a brillant Product Owner. He has learnt to immerse himself in the client's needs be it a big company or a digital campaign for a start up. That ability to understand the needs is a rare quality. He invests himself in the product or campaign and truly becomes to bridge between the partner and the dev team.

Anoja Sekar

Human Capital

Anoja works on the Human capital side and helps to recruit our talented engineers and retain them with good HR policies. If she’s not working, she can be found organizing fun team building exercises for everyone.