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A happy, motivated and engaged team
Thimesha Kollure
Thimesha is a product owner, who works predominantly on one of our internal products. Her friendly demeanour and never-ending love for pop Korean culture is sometimes the highlight of the evening at the end of a long day at work.
1 1
Damitha Perera
Software Engineering
Dami is always ready with a smile to try new things, and that is what we love about him. He is a NodeJS developer and works on multiple projects/teams. His attitude, personality and reliability make him a team favourite.
2 2
Methuna Srikantharajah
Methuna is a rock star product owner. Her ability to foresee issues and propose solutions make her a client favourite. She is loved and respected by the team and valued by our clients. Outside of work, Methuna is a yoga enthusiast and regularly posts her newest and most difficult positions. She is training to be a yoga instructor.
3 3
Mohamed Zafran
Software Engineering
Zafran is an Android developer and he is working on IoT and location-based projects. He works closely with team leads and is a humble and hardworking team member. We love having him on our team and look forward to him growing in terms of experience and soft skills. Outside of work he is an avid bodybuilder and it shows.
4 4
Harigayathri Arunagirinathan
Digital Media
Hari works closely with the partners and the various teams to craft and then execute digital solutions and strategies. A natural communicator, she serves as a bridge between stakeholders. Her cheerful nature, unstoppable drive, and attitude towards her role gives the team both motivation and a competitive edge to tackle most solutions, successfully.
5 5
Ahmed Hamdaoui
Software Engineering
Meet Ahmed, one of our backend development engineers specialized in NodeJS. Hailing from lovely and historical Oran, Algeria, he loves dancing as much as he loves technology and feels very much that he is living his best life both as a part of the KeenEye family and at home. A passionate worker, Ahmed is a reliable, friendly, and excellent teammate who is ever enthusiastic about learning new things and growing with the company.
6 6
Shadhuna Shakir
Human Capital Manager
Laala helps establish HR policy with the rest of the team and she is the person who helps us all implement it. Her organized, structured and fair approach to dealing with the team is much welcome and needed.
7 7
Dilran Gnanapragasam
Dilran grew up, studied and worked in NYC before moving to Sri Lanka to work in a non-profit as a project manager. He now works in our NY office. As a Product Owner, his role is to fully understand the needs of our clients and negotiate with the different stakeholders. This includes anyone from a client in the US, the tech team to manufacturers in China. Keeping everyone happy, focused and delivering awesome products is his role.
8 8
Fathima Zainabu
Software Engineering
Meet Zai! Her dedication to work is what makes her a cut above the rest. She is one of those teammates that one could go up for quality advice be it work-related or life. She’s the perfect companion for a nice tea in the evenings and to chatter away on her latest gardening DIY and hacks.
9 9
Nasmy Ahamed
Software Engineering
Nasmy is everyone’s friend. The team loves to work with him because of his work ethic, his helpful and gentle demeanour. He is just the nicest guy who is also always ready to learn and grow. He is an expert in PHP and JS languages.
10 10
Sudeshini Thenuwara
Sue is our UI/UX workhorse. She churns the screens out and collaborates well with the rest of the team who all love to work with her due to her hard work but her cheerful disposition.
11 11
Gajathesan Ramanathan
Software Engineering
Gaja is a full-stack engineer who can quickly grasp new projects and concepts. He comes to us after agency experience and his design-driven approach is an asset to the rest of the team.
12 12
Rozale Coulton
Rozale is a UI/UX expert. She has the ability to grasp complex user flows and design user experiences that are intuitive, modern and crisp. She always has a smile and is able to not only deliver the goods but help train others.
13 13
Dellangelo DeBruin
QA and Support
Introducing Dellangelo, our customer support specialist! He considers himself a fun-loving, fitness enthusiast, who also goes out of his way to help the team out in any way he can. His larger-than-life personality radiates with positivity, and he takes on tasks with confidence and bravado.
14 14
Dasuni Bandara
Dasuni brings to us strong project management experience in the Fintech sector after a stint as a financial analyst. Her deep analytic approach helps to strengthen the team's processes and allows her to capture the client’s needs.
15 15
Supun Srimal
Software Engineering
Supun is a frontend expert with several years of experience working for a digital agency. Many of our projects have both a deep technical challenge but also require intuitive usability. The user has to be comfortable and engaged and this is where Supuns expertise comes in.
16 16
Shirani Joseph
Meet Shirani. She loves solving customer queries by adding value to the products she works on. Her honest, ambitious, friendly nature adds value to her character as a person. She loves reading autobiographies and watching movies based on true stories during her free time. She is looking forward to adopting a labrador puppy who is ready for a home to call its own.
17 17
Mohamed Umar
Software Engineering
Umar came to us with the drive and ambition and the story of a self-made engineer who paid his own way through uni. We believed in him and he has shown his worth and what a great work ethic he has.
18 18
Maria Eliza
Finance & logistic
Hailing from the Philipines brings diversity to the team, and adds value by means of implementing processes for functions related to finance and logistics. She is a fun person that brings a lot of positive aura to the team.
19 19
Nipun Theekshana
Software Engineering
Working with Nipun is just a pleasure. He is sought after by all our teams for his incredible ability to jump between technologies and be very humble and accessible at the same time. Nipun develops in PHP, NodeJS, Android and is a tech lead that consults across projects. He works closely with our CTO to implement strategies across our projects.
20 20
Nisha Tillas
Nisha is our CFO. This key role is vital to our group of companies as it requires foresight, courageous decision making and the ability to implement the growth vision of our group. Nisha is the perfect fit for this as she has the ability to be in any situation and figure out how to deal with it. Just like in work Nisha is always ready the first to do something new or adventurous.
21 21
Aruna Udayanga
Software Engineering
Aruna is an iOS lead, he has been working exclusively on an IoT project for 1 year. Working with video and making sure the apps are user-friendly for drivers has become something of a hobby for him.
22 22
Tharuka Gunarathna
QA & Support
Tharuka is a senior QA and she really excels in her role of making sure that the project she is testing is perfect. She works hard to comprehend clearly the requirements and then to make sure that is what we deliver.
23 23
Shan Devarajan
Software Engineering
Shan is a VueJS and ReactJs expert. He has extensive experience working on projects in Europe. VueJS is used with PHP backends and ReactJS is the modern frontends that allow us to create user interfaces that are snappy, dashboard-like and responsive.
24 24
Shanika Perera
Finance and Logistics
Shanika runs our accounting arm and she also handles logistics that require her Sinhala language skills. It is always upbeat to see someone grow into a role and to grow personally and that is definitely the case with Shanika.
25 25
Lahiru Senarath
Software Engineering
Lahiru is our WordPress and web developer. He is always around to support the team and ready to dive into any project. He loves watching action-packed shows on Netflix, while he enjoys his favorite kottu from the best kottu shop in town.
26 26
Jeneze Silva
Human Capital
Jeneze plays an important part in the Human Capital team. Her dedication towards maintaining a positive environment at work and care towards teammates welfare and making sure they are happy at work makes her an amazing addition to the team! The world will be a better place with more Jenezes around!
27 27
Anthony Rosario
Steve is our co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) based in France. Steve is an expert in partner relationship management. He understands what our partners need, and helps them grow their businesses. He works with an expanding sales team and has grown our turnover by 40% year on year. Beyond sales, he is also a mentor and advisor to the Product owners and Digital team. Apart from work, Steve is a foodie and an exceptional cook who loves to entertain friends and family on weekends.
28 28
Dilini Nisansala
QA & Support
Dilini is dedicated to one project and she provides not only testing but also has to understand the project in and out, placing herself in the user’s shoes.
29 29
Mohamed Azran
Software Engineering
Azran is a ReactJS/ReactNative developer. His natural leadership qualities, communication skills and 'can-do' mentality make him an excellent element on any team. He has worked on a number of medical tech projects where he gained valuable expertise. He is a big proponent of code quality and best practices.
30 30
Lahiru Amarathunga
Software Engineering
Lahiru is a very talented React developer. He has a velocity that parallels his tech leads. He has a strong sense of ownership and that makes him an asset on any team and thus is sought after by the different teams. His gentle persona is appreciated by all on the team.
31 31
Manoj Udeshika
Software Engineering
Manoj is a JS full stack developer. His positive attitude and ability to work with demanding clients makes him a valuable teammate. He follows the lead of mentors and is a quick learner. He is well appreciated by our clients in France and the US where he has worked on complex medical tech projects. He is always ready for an adventure on the weekend, exploring the mountains and seas of Sri Lanka.
32 32
Shehal Joseph
Shehal has that magic ability to take complicated, moving parts and make it all simple and easy for a layman to understand. As CTO he is responsible for laying out and implementing a vision on software engineering best practices and technologies. His work also encompasses training the team and helping all of us practice Agile. He also loves cats and commenting on political satire.
33 33
Kalana Wickramarathne
Software Engineering
Kalana is an Android and JS tech lead and Scrum Master. He works on IoT projects but he is always ready for a new challenge and new applications. His ability to grasp complex business needs make him an invaluable part of the team.
34 34
Rohan Wijesundara
Software Engineering
Rohan is a Senior Software engineer, specialising in NodeJS. He is one of those teammates who will come to the rescue any day any time, in any complex problem that you may be faced with. His knowledge in anything - tech coupled with his willingness to help any day any time makes him a unique individual we all love having around.
35 35
Supun Illeperuma
Software Engineering
Supun comes to us from a long stint at a classic agency. He understands the business and is today our leader in PHP, WordPress and VueJS. He is also well experienced in Shopify. His infectious good humor helps keep the team happy and motivated.
36 36
Hashara Ediriweera
Hashara is a French/Lankan dual national and a project coordinator. His contribution brings in diversity and flavour along with a unique perspective which allows us to work closely with French-speaking clients. Understanding the client’s needs is key in Digital, and language and culture count for a lot.
37 37
Wiiliam Lemaitre
Business Development
William handles sales in the Sri Lankan, Asian and Australian markets. His drive and his good humour make him a great person to have around. Always upbeat and sees the best in a situation.
38 38
Sandaruvan Vijayadasa
Software Engineering
Sadaruvan is a senior software engineer who works on back end development. His professional attitude makes him a valuable teammate. He is a new dad and is always ready to show pictures of his handsome son. His smile is infectious and he is the guy who organizes our team trips.
39 39
Rashid Sadiyan
Digital Media
Rashid works on Digital Marketing, which includes SEO, SEA and implementing the strategies and content plans designed for our clients. His work ethic and willingness to learn and master new things make him a great asset to our growing team.
40 40
Shamil Dilshan
Shamil is one of our youngest minds housed at Beyond! From being able to hold an intellectual conversation, to be an absolute fun person to have around at the office.
41 41
Thusith Perera
Thusith has a dual role of quality assurance engineer while at the same time a PO role. His ability to grasp and understand in a holistic fashion a complex project is his strength. Everyone loves Thusith for his cheerfulness and apart from work Thusith is always exploring the natural wonders of Sri Lanka and working out to maintain his buff shape.
42 42
Jonathan Thanendran
Software Engineering
Jonny is bubbly, always there to have a laugh, say something fun or have a good time after work. But he is also a talented PHP and JS developer who can pull his weight. He takes ownership and is dedicated to his team, always.
43 43
Disath Jayathilaka
QA & Support
Disath has a role that crosses over between QA and support. He often helps comprehend the usage of a feature and how the flow could be bettered. His cheerful and can-do mentality is what makes Disath unique.
44 44
Shaun Zelber
Shaun is all about the team that makes up the KeenEye group. His vision is that people work better when they are trusted and respected. Each person brings something to the table. In terms of leadership, he believes you have to lead by example. As CEO he is responsible to lay out the vision and to help mold policy that are in sync with our strong set of values. Shaun is also an outdoors person having grown up on a farm in upstate NY. He loves to escape on weekends to the mountains for waterfall discovery and hiking.
45 45
Micheal Kesara
Head of Finance
Michael is our finance manager. Michael is driven and has a great vision of what we should be. He wants movement and that means he pushes the sales and the executive team to deliver results. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, and his can-do attitude is infectious!
46 46
Hiran Peiris
Software Engineering
Hiran is our React and iOS guru. He is an exceptional software engineer and mentor. He is one of a few who works closely with our CTO to help improve our coding standards, our processes and to work on peer reviews. He is uber passionate about new technologies and is continuously on the lookout for new languages or practices. He also conducts webinars to help train the team to continuously improve.
47 47
Noorain Jaleel
Noorain as our COO makes all the different parts of our teamwork together smoothly. Hailing from the Maldives he brings diversity to our team. His gentle demeanour belies his inner strength that helps implement the vision of our group of companies. In his spare time, Noorain is an avid sea-person scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing.
48 48
Sudheera Abeysekara
Software Engineering
DevOps is such a vital part now of each and every project. Sudheera brings to the team a deep level of experience as a certified DevOps expert. He is proficient in AWS, Azure and more exotic cloud-like OVH.
49 49
Amila Gunasinghe
Software Engineering
Amila is a JS frontend specialist working on both VueJS and ReactJS. He loves to create beautiful and user-friendly dashboards and web apps. His teammates love working with him as he is dedicated and willing to contribute to the rest of his team. Amila’s smile and ability to deal with tense situations make even the tightest deadlines and stressing deliveries easier.
50 50
Together, we can move mountains

Umar brings a drive, ambition and the story of a self-made engineer who paid his own way through uni to the table. He has shown his worth through his great work ethic.

Fullstack Web Engineer