Learning platform for medical professionals to learn about new treatments and research

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MedEdGS is a global organization of medical experts working to shed light on, publish content and raise awareness on groundbreaking research, findings and new discoveries for little-known diseases and ones without a cure such as NASH, NAFLD, Angina, Heart Failure and so on.

The issue

MedEdGS needed a team that could handle their medical-related content, curate, design and publish their posts (both images and videos), whilst organizing and overseeing their events (content-based) getting registrations and spreading awareness on speakers, topics of discussion to build hype leading up to the dates of the event.

How we delivered

The KeenEye team delivered here once again, with content being created for PanNASH, CV meta-analysis, and much more; rolling out content plans, event posts, designing videos, maintaining their websites and carrying out SEO tasks. We have been handling MedEdGS as an ongoing project for nearly 3 years now.