How can you be the change?


When new team members join us they come ready and excited to dive-in and look for new challenges with a lot of motivation. They are very smart, have drive and ambition. They want to change the way things are done, especially in the way business is traditionally done in South Asia.

The ability to change is dependent on our mental flexibility, and willingness to do things differently. We often find it difficult to process new things as we have built ourselves with the foundation of habit, which becomes the DNA of our personality. We are comfortable doing what we are told as it is safer and easier. It also involves less risk taking and being creative. Our local education system does not foster creativity and innovation so when we have to take on new challenges and do innovative things, it becomes a difficult task and we have thoughts of quitting and giving up. This is mainly due to the lack of a supportive system and environment.

This ignited a thought process in us at KeenEye and our sister company Beyond. How can we unleash their inner creativity? How can we keep these vibrant, young people motivated? How can we get them to contribute to the bigger picture and be the change we want to see?

We want to give young people the opportunity to innovate and be creative. We encourage individuals to share their personal experiences with each other which often does the trick to pave the way to be supportive towards new ideas and taking risks.

For all this to work the first step, as managers, is accepting that we need to change our own ways on how we do things and ask questions. We need to change the way we think of ourselves and be open to new ways of doing things and when a teammate comes up with a new solution we should embrace that change ourselves. By doing so we will create an atmosphere where people will want to be solution providers themselves instead of just executors.

Our hope is that we can foster the change we want to see happen