Bespoke software
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The factors determining a successful product are the core values and ideas behind them. At KeenEye, we create products that are business-oriented, human-centered, and value-driven. Code quality is just one of the many factors we consider when it comes to your product. We also think about providing the best possible customer experiences, user experiences, and user interfaces. The solutions we provide are ones intended to withstand the test of time and grow with your business. The steps we take to ensure this are:
  • Identification: Recognizing your needs through meetings & discussions
  • Analysis: Market, competition, and existing solutions
  • Proposals & Ideation: Estimate team size and custom solutions
  • Roadmaps: Project kickoff, team setup, test cases
  • Design: In-depth product creation and flow
  • Agile: Development in incremental sprints
  • Testing: Throughout all phases, both pre and post-launch
  • Maintenance: Consistently and continually
Digitalization or Business process automation
We have a strong track record of using digital to change business models, automate complex or labor-intensive processes and thus create savings or new value-producing opportunities.
Team extension
We source experts with the required expertise and experience to manage all your small to large-scale software projects from start to finish - from POs to Tech Leads and Digital Specialists.
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