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Here's a round-up of our September.

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KeenEye’s expertise spans multiple tech stacks, including mobile tech on a global scale. From ongoing projects to IT staffing for the US and Australia. Get in touch and we will find the right candidate to get the job done right.


KeenEye's domains expertis

KeenEye is proud to have saved millions of dollars for companies worldwide with our revolutionary expertise across domains such as IoT, Logistics, MedTech and Process Automation.


DigitaleBox is an advanced CRM system created by KeenEye that saves the US government hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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CargoWise One is a responsive web app that KeenEye built to make a tedious process more user-friendly.

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ExactCure is a medical education tool by KeenEye that allows any user to see the side effects of a particular drug on their body, analyzed and segregated through complex characteristics.

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Process Automation

Gravity BI is a modern workforce management solution that KeenEye built specifically for small to medium-sized businesses to automate their manual processes, saving them time and money.

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KeenEye’s company video

KeenEye’s newly launched company video went live on the revamped website. The team had loads of fun showing you what life is like for the KeenEye family. A driven, diverse, responsible, fun-loving and hardworking team is what empowers KeenEye’s success.

KeenEye Video

KeenEye’s client reviews and testimonials

Here’s what a client had to say about working with KeenEye

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Glass Door

KeenEye’s coffee breaks

We at KeenEye thrive on values such as transparency, communication, integrity and diversity. Learning about team members’ backgrounds, accepting all cultures and using that diversity to deliver results that meet global standards are a huge part of what we do. Coffee Break sessions help us learn more about our young, fun, driven team. Here are some snapshots from our previous coffee break sessions.

KeenEye’s CSR Initiative

At KeenEye, health always comes first. A healthy life is a happy life. In line with this, we've organized an informative session via Zoom with our very own client and global health specialists; MedEdGS. Stay tuned for something exciting!

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for October’s edition.