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Our staffing services for all your IT needs!

Building outstanding solutions that transform businesses is the vision behind every company.
The right team is very crucial to do this and that's where we can help you.

We provide engineers with years of experience who can bring out successful products to the market. If you struggle to find the best expertise, we are your solution!

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Our IoT space

What keeps us ahead in our IoT? Our state-of-the-art tech and excellent team of technologists. This combo has helped us transform many businesses and clients into industry leaders.

Here's how we have fused IoT into healthcare, logistics, and other industries. Take a look!

We are explorers! Don’t forget to check out the latest tech trend in MedTech

VR and AR are gaining momentum in healthcare 

A celebratory moment!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now a proud member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka (AmCham SL).

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is an international, non-profit, private-sector business association with more than 1200 members representing about 280 American, Sri Lankan and other global companies, and now, we are one of them.

Gravity for a connected workspace

We are looking for BETA testers!

If you have been following us, you know what Gravity is, but if you are a newcomer, here’s a quick intro:

Gravity is our SaaS product that can transform complex human capital processes through automation. It will help you focus less on administrative tasks and more on human interaction, which can engage and empower your remote/global teams.

Are you interested in Beta testing? Then this call is for you!
Gravity was just released to the market and we want your valuable feedback to make a better product for you!
Become a Beta tester today and earn 10 free users for life.

Try out our FREE BETA VERSION today!

Our next CSR move!

In light of Environment Day on 5th June, we did something cool! We ran a contest to appreciate the surroundings of our green panthers!

Stay tuned for the winner of KeenEye with the best green workspace environment!