Digital Media

Hari helps run the digital marketing team where she helps manage and strategize for projects. Her vivacious nature coupled up with her drive and commitment towards the Beyond team make her a value addition for the company.

Mohamed Zafran

Software Engineering

Zafran is an Android developer and he is working on IOT and location based projects. He works closely with team leads and is a humble and hardworking team member. We love having him on our team and look forward to him growing in terms of experience and soft skills.

Hemal Randeniya


Hemal organizes and runs the design driver projects, handling both local and foreign clients. He is not afraid to get dirty and test the product if needed and his can-do mentality has won over the whole team.

Asiri Ariyawansha

Software Engineering

Asiri is a PHP specialist.. he knows most frameworks and is an expert in a whole bunch. His calm, steady presence is an asset as a tech lead.