We provide access to IT experts, not only with the right skills but also relevant experience. We allow you to grow your team rapidly for a ramp up or for a time boxed project. Our developers, business analysts, project managers, QA engineers and technical team leaders can work both onsite and off-site. We provide you the talent so you can build the best products.

While building an IT team or growing a team, we make use of existing resources available on our team or undertake recruitment. In either case, we follow a well-organised process and apply strict rules.

  • Analysis

We carefully analyze CVs and choose the best ones suited to your specific needs.

  • Checking

We undertake a vetting process by contacting previous employers of candidates for references.

  • Interviews/verification

We conduct interviews and verify competences. The several rounds of the interview includes a technical interview, technical test, attitude, communication and a soft skills test.

  • Onboarding

All new recruits are coached in our values, Agile methodologies and flat organizational structure to better integrate with the team.