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We source experts with the required expertise and fundamental experience to manage all your small to large-scale software projects from start to finish. They range from POs to Tech Leads to Devs, Digital Specialists, and IT experts.

With their ability to work on and off-site, the talent we provide you with allows your business to snowball, ultimately creating the best products and holistic service.

We also look into the recruitment process, identifying the most suitable candidates based on your requirements while also following a well-organized process with strict guidelines.

  • We carefully analyze the CVs and select only the best options based on your needs.
  • We undertake a vetting process: contacting previous employers of the candidates for references.
  • We conduct a series of interviews to verify competencies. These include a technical interview, technical test, attitude, communication, & soft skills test.
  • We coach our new recruits in our core values, agile methodologies, and flat organizational structure to better integrate them with the team.
Bespoke software
The factors determining a successful product are the core values and ideas behind them. At KeenEye, we create products that are business-oriented, human-centered, and value-driven.
Systems & Apps integration
We create mobile apps and complex systems that encompass all areas of value - saving time and resources while boosting productivity and profits. This creates a smoother flow between your product, its users, your stakeholders, and operations.
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