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Medical learning platform

Medical learning platform

The platform allows doctors to have access to a database of videos answering specific common questions and a video teleconsultation tool to book and meet a specialist anywhere in the world in an emergency.
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Meetao is a startup that has built a location based application to build real life connections by allowing like-minded individuals to connect and come together for business and social opportunities alike. Meetao helps users meet based on common interests, location and even business synergies.
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HorseMap was created by equestrian professionals in France. The equestrian industry, which includes the sale of horses, maintenance and services, lodging, is a large and growing economic sector.
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Based in Paris, Digitalebox helps political parties, local governments, and brands organize their supporters and carry out community management. We have worked from the inception of the project designing the product and architecture, developing and iterating. We also provide a help desk and 24/7 support.
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Tandem diabetes care

Tandem Diabetes Care is a listed company on the US NASDAQ that creates autonomous pumps for diabetics. This technology allows a higher quality of life for diabetic patients of all ages—no need for pricking to find sugar levels or getting shots.
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shop flow


Shopflow works in the automobile garage space. Repair shops in the USA mostly use software to manage their clients and order spare parts. The largest software provider for repair shops is Mitchell1, a part of Snap-on - an NYSE-listed company.
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KeenEye works closely with a large international logistics company based in India that uses CargoWise One's ERP solution.
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Cedar Electronics

Cedar Electronics has several leading aftermarket automotive brands such as Cobra, Escort, and Snooper. Their products go from Dash Cams to CB's to Walkie Talkies. The challenge for Cedar was to create a software layer to their hardware, allowing people to use the data generated on the hardware devices on their mobiles or on the web.
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