Senior ReactJS Engineer
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Senior ReactJS Engineer

We are a fast growing group of companies with offices in Paris, France and in NY, US our head office is located in Sri Lanka. We also have a growing team in Algeria. We have a diverse team with over 18 ethnicities and specialists who are comfortable in about 10 languages.

Our company practices a flat and agile structure both in project but also even in the way we do everything else such as human resources, policies and management. This gives us an atmosphere that is warm, open, inclusive and focuses on growth of both the individual and the company. Our values of transparency and mutual respect make us a great place to work and shine.


You will work with the team to create the front-ends that interact with the users. You will bring to life what is built on the back-end. Therefore your role is very important as users don’t see the APIs that will drive our projects, they see and interact with the web or mobile interface that you will be building. Currently, we have projects in the automotive, medical, logistic sectors and our apps are often based on IOT.


  • At least 2 years of real industrial experience in ReactJS, ReactNative and at least 5 years in other JavaScript technologies
  • Should be willing to learn new technology as we like our team to be proficient in a variety of technologies

We have projects working remotely or at our Colombo office for our European clients and also opportunities to work in France.