KeenEye understands startups. A good 50% of our partners are startups and we have become investors in several of our former clients. We help create the storyboard, wireframing, tech choices and then create the team to allow startups to go fast and focus on execution.

If you are based in Europe or the USA it is particularly important that in the startup phase you keep costs down and move fast on your idea, create a proof of concept, raise money, build out your vision, etc. At KeenEye we help you through those milestones. Having a remote team keeps down the costs and also allows you to have a vision on your development process, properly spec out your vision, version it and create a roadmap of features.

Here is what our partners have to say about us.

ClipCast : We needed to build a prototype that would allow us to raise money and prove that our concept was doable. KeenEye put together the team of specialists, they did the R&D and helped us create a strong POC app that allowed us to raise on our idea. We then retained their services to build out a team. We hired the tech leads and project managers in San Diego and had at KeenEye’s office in Sri Lanka a remote team works on the cross platform, native mobile and backend.

PeeeM : Our CTO and Co-Founder is a tech genius and came up with an innovative peer-to-peer chat engine. We needed to build out our Android and iOS team and hiring in France was just not possible at the startup stage. KeenEye helped us recruit the talent necessary to expand our project while controlling costs.

DigitaleBox : We had the vision to create an awesome concept and to challenge entrenched players. KeenEye helped us from inception helping us to conceptualize the product by creating the storyboards and then the wireframes, helping chose the technology. Our team in France works closely with our remote team in Sri Lanka and this relationship has allowed us to grow to be the leader in France in the community organizing, social media aggregation and relationship building SaaS.