Whether your business needs to adapt to new challenges or solve old problems, or you are a startup with the killer idea, our team of experts at KeenEye can help. We help devise the right functionalities, create the storyboards, wireframes, write the SRS and then identify the technology and architecture needed to make your solution work.

We are neutral when it comes to the choice of technology but target the right solutions, with open standards that are robust and scalable. We create cloud based solutions that will grow with you.

Our experts have vast knowledge in Microsoft, Java, PHP (and frameworks), HTML5/JS, Azure and elastic cloud solutions like AWS. Our R&D team can also work on niche technologies.

We have 10 years experience in mobile and connected devices. Presently, 80% of our projects are device related.

Our team is strong on pushing the envelope working on long term projects in the medical, automotive and educational fields. We have in-depth skills in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and cross platform tools like PhoneGap.