I run the administration and finances of the company. I am looking for someone to help me out. This is an exciting position as it has many different roles and you will learn new skills.

I am looking for someone who is very autonomous and can come up with solutions and who loves numbers. Having degrees and lots of experience is not the main focus rather someone who is a doer and not afraid to try new things.

Your role will be to handle with me the administrative things that comes with running a fast growing startup and handling the payroll, appointment letters, bank relationship, EPF and ETF relationship, etc.

To ambitious, connected people,

We are looking for well connected people to run our partnerships and sales deals in the following regions :

Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, USA NY, USA Atlanta, USA Texas, Scandinavia, Gulf region, Germany.

Join our fast growing team and help us find the deals that fuel the continued growth. As we also invest in startups there is a lot of opportunity for someone well connected in the tech industry and startup scene.


I am looking for a junior partner to help me with UI/UX design. We work mostly on mobile projects but there is a good dose of responsive web design as well.

We do quite a lot of wireframing so if you are used to doing this that is a great positive as this is a significant part of our work.

We want someone who loves design and is creative. This is more important that degrees for this position.